Quality Control

Grand Springs water products are certified and manufactured under the authority of the State Department of Agriculture and The Federal Food and Drug regulatory agency.
The Food and Drug (FDA) and the state Dept. of Agriculture both conduct (un-announced) visits to our facility to perform audits of our manufacturing procedures and to collect water samples for compliance with state and federal bottled water standards. These bottled water regulations are tougher than those for tap water which is regulated by the EPA.  A detailed comparison of federal regulations for tap and bottled waters may be found at www.thefactsaboutwater.org

In addition to the above inspections we are inspected by the NCSI Americas Inc. to perform the International Bottle Water audit for compliance of the Model Code of IBWA.

We are an approved supplier to The Dept. of the U.S. Army which conducts its inspections on an annual basis.

FDA regulations require annual source water testing for bacterial, organic, and radiological analyses. The analyses is conducted by National Testing Laboratories. Click here to view our most recent Spring Water Report. Click here to view our most recent Source Water Report.

Grand Springs utilizes an in-house laboratory for daily analysis of bacteriological, inorganic, and physical parameter analyses of source water and finished products. Our multiple barrier approach involving careful control of filtration and disinfection processes, supported by continuous monitoring and testing for our bulk water for sale and our bottled water.

We test our products for purity and consistency throughout the bottling process and in hourly tests on finished products. The controlled process and testing assures consistency in taste and purity.